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Clermont, FL

March 7-8, 2014 Pig On The Pond "For The Kids" - Clermont, FL
Cheryl Fishel - P.O. Box 121543 - Clermont, FL 34712
(352)-516-5897 or click to Email
Ida Isaacs
Leon Isaacs
YearGrand ChampionReserve
2014BudmeistersBig Papa's Country Kitchen
2013Everglades Seasoning BBQ TeamSweet Smoke Q
2012BudmeistersUnknown BBQ
2011Unknown BBQUncle Kenny's BBQ
2010Whiskey BentBig Papa's Country Kitchen
2009Mount Dora BBQ CompanySwamp Boys
2008Mount Dora BBQ CompanyKick The Tire, Light The Fire
2007Smokin' Cracker BBQ TeamHomeBBQ.com
2006Smokin' Cracker BBQ TeamKick The Tire, Light The Fire
2005The Woodhouse GrillTriple S BBQ
2004Gator GratesFlorida Skin-n-Bones
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Grand Champion: Budmeisters

Reserve: Big Papa's Country Kitchen
1 Budmeisters777.49998189.3667198.5667196.9167192.6500
2 Big Papa's Country Kitchen776.36663198.5833192.4000188.2000197.1833
3 Blitzkrieg BBQ770.13332192.6667188.6500192.4000196.4167
4 Git-R-Smoked765.83332189.1000192.3833195.9667188.3833
5 Sweet Smoke Q764.33332191.5167190.0500190.1000192.6667
6 Unknown BBQ763.78330190.1000186.7333197.9000189.0500
7 Matt Daddy's BBQ761.71666190.3167195.5000194.5500181.3500
8 Hot Wachula's759.06665186.7333195.2000182.8833194.2500
9 Uncle Kenny's BBQ759.05001195.0500188.6500189.1000186.2500
10 Smoke on the Lakes750.98333187.9667187.4333191.0000184.5833
11 Two Crackers Cooking737.68335181.7667184.1667185.2833186.4667
12 Wolfe Brothers BBQ736.34998180.1500191.2500187.4500177.5000
13 Just Grillin733.25000183.7333189.8167193.3833166.3167
14 Florida Boys731.30000190.3167185.0833181.0000174.9000
15 Grillin' Gangsters703.55001176.3500177.4000179.2500170.5500
16 BBQ Shack683.83334172.4667183.4500170.9167157.0000
17 Clermont Oyster Bar658.71668161.1500158.1667168.5333170.8667
18 Kennedy Compound644.10001167.0167158.1333170.1167148.8333
19 Brutal BBQ638.08333162.2500160.2333171.0833144.5167
20 Oxie Foods633.08333155.7167149.1333166.5500161.6833
1 Big Papa's Country Kitchen198.58332
2 Uncle Kenny's BBQ195.05000
3 Blitzkrieg BBQ192.66666
4 Sweet Smoke Q191.51665
5 Matt Daddy's BBQ190.31667
6 Florida Boys190.31666
7 Unknown BBQ190.10000
8 Budmeisters189.36667
9 Git-R-Smoked189.10000
10 Smoke on the Lakes187.96667
1 Budmeisters198.56666
2 Matt Daddy's BBQ195.49999
3 Hot Wachula's195.19999
4 Big Papa's Country Kitchen192.40000
5 Git-R-Smoked192.38334
6 Wolfe Brothers BBQ191.24999
7 Sweet Smoke Q190.05000
8 Just Grillin189.81667
9 [TIE]Blitzkrieg BBQ188.65000
9 [TIE]Uncle Kenny's BBQ188.65000
1 Unknown BBQ197.89998
2 Budmeisters196.91665
3 Git-R-Smoked195.96665
4 Matt Daddy's BBQ194.55000
5 Just Grillin193.38333
6 Blitzkrieg BBQ192.40001
7 Smoke on the Lakes191.00000
8 Sweet Smoke Q190.10000
9 Uncle Kenny's BBQ189.10001
10 Big Papa's Country Kitchen188.19999
1 Big Papa's Country Kitchen197.18332
2 Blitzkrieg BBQ196.41665
3 Hot Wachula's194.25000
4 Sweet Smoke Q192.66667
5 Budmeisters192.65000
6 Unknown BBQ189.04999
7 Git-R-Smoked188.38333
8 Two Crackers Cooking186.46667
9 Uncle Kenny's BBQ186.25000
10 Smoke on the Lakes184.58334

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