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Mulberry Fine Swine At The Pit

October 11-12, 2013 Mulberry Fine Swine At The Pit - Mulberry, FL
This contest is the 2013 FBA Florida State Championship
Fine Swine At The Pit - P.O. Box 1210 - Mulberry, FL 33860
Bonnie Titus: (863)-712-0625 or click to Email
Chuck Ray
Donna Ray
Sheilah Jones
EJ Kraus
YearGrand ChampionReserve
2013Team UnknownEverglades Seasoning BBQ Team
2012United Pork SmokersAll Racked Up
2011Fatt AshesSwamp Boys
2010Swamp BoysForrest's Fine Foods
2009Swamp BoysForrest's Fine Foods
2008GB's BBQSwamp Boys
2005Kick The Tire, Light The FireHomeBBQ.com
2004The Woodhouse GrillSqueals On Wheels
2003The Dixie BoysSpice Boys
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Grand Champion - Team Unknown

Reserve - Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team
1 Team Unknown BBQ772.81662189.6000191.2833194.1000197.8333
2 Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team772.08331194.1000193.8000193.6333190.5500
3 Sweet Smoke Q770.83334193.6333190.6833194.0833192.4333
4 Swamp Boys769.11667193.3667195.2000189.3000191.2500
5 Big Tymers BBQ762.68332193.8333187.9500190.5833190.3167
6 Big Papa's Country Kitchen760.61666194.2667187.7167192.4167186.2167
7 Get-Cha Some BBQ759.63333191.7000189.5000186.7333191.7000
8 Hot Wachula's758.11667192.4500191.7000184.8500189.1167
9 Fatt Ashes BBQ755.81666184.4333188.8667190.8167191.7000
10 Southern Bred BBQ755.21668192.6667193.6167186.7667182.1667
11 J&J Bar-B-Que754.16666191.9167186.0500185.0000191.2000
12 Newman's BBQ753.49999185.3000191.4667192.1500184.5833
13 All Racked Up753.43334195.4667189.1167183.2333185.6167
14 Smokin Flames BBQ753.00001189.1167186.8167183.7000193.3667
15 Hogs Gone wild BBQ #2750.69997191.2167176.1167197.6333185.7333
16 Git-R-Smoked749.31667186.5167188.1333192.9167181.7500
17 Lazy Hazy Crazy Boyz748.71665176.8167187.9833193.3833190.5333
18 Swinos BBQ Team748.66666193.6500184.8500184.6333185.5333
19 Mike's Smokehouse747.83334195.7167193.8333189.8167168.4667
20 Two Crackers Cooking747.01662186.5333194.3500185.3167180.8167
21 Whiskey Bent BBQ743.88333175.6333184.5833192.6667191.0000
22 Smokin Slimz743.75002193.0833182.1500186.7000181.8167
23 Swamp Water Boys742.53334191.4833181.9833182.8834186.1833
24 Awesome Q741.73333183.8667181.8167189.0667186.9833
25 Shanty Town741.34997186.7667186.7000174.8000193.0833
26 Smokin Blue Q739.73331187.0167184.2000189.6167178.9000
27 Smokin J's Florida736.31669180.6000179.7333190.2333185.7500
28 Chow'n Down the Q735.86666192.9333188.1833178.9500175.8000
29 Sho Good BBQ 732.78336174.8667191.2500184.8833181.7833
30 Tiki Time BBQ Team732.40001182.4500175.5833180.0167194.3500
31 United Pork Smokers732.38332186.4500189.0833184.4000172.4500
32 2nd Hand Smoke731.24999188.8500187.4000182.9500172.0500
33 Cedar Creek BBQ727.46665165.3833183.8833190.8000187.4000
34 Blitzkrieg BBQ722.43334182.9667176.2000174.2000189.0667
35 S R Que721.91666194.1167161.2667181.4500185.0833
36 Burnin Down the House721.90000184.6500182.6500182.0667172.5333
37 Accutech BBQ715.53335185.8000172.1000192.2333165.4000
38 Florida Skin-n-Bones714.10000186.5000173.1500185.3333169.1167
39 Too Tall's Cook Shack713.81667171.3000180.4500171.0833190.9833
40 American Piggers708.23334169.6333187.4333181.2000169.9667
41 Lazy J Barbecue702.84998177.8167181.7667166.0333177.2333
42 Papa Mark's BBQ698.56667186.4500168.5833174.0833169.4500
43 Staggering Swine and Bovine696.49999181.4833173.0333177.7500164.2333
44 Mean Green Cooking Machine689.41668181.4833172.9000164.9167170.1167
45 Pig In or Pig Out681.33333180.9500164.1333162.6500173.6000
46 Just Grillin675.48334165.0000157.7500192.6500160.0833
47 Smoke Shack628.46666160.3500153.8333163.8000150.4833
48 Oxie Foods496.30000176.6667160.6833158.95000.0000
1 Mike's Smokehouse195.71666
2 All Racked Up195.46666
3 Big Papa's Country Kitchen194.26665
4 S R Que194.11666
5 Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team194.09999
6 Big Tymers BBQ193.83334
7 Swinos BBQ Team193.65000
8 Sweet Smoke Q193.63334
9 Swamp Boys193.36667
10 Smokin Slimz193.08334
1 Swamp Boys195.20000
2 Two Crackers Cooking194.34998
3 Mike's Smokehouse193.83333
4 Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team193.80000
5 Southern Bred BBQ193.61666
6 Hot Wachula's191.70000
7 Newman's BBQ191.46666
8 Team Unknown BBQ191.28332
9 Sho Good BBQ 191.25002
10 Sweet Smoke Q190.68334
1 Hogs Gone wild BBQ #2197.63332
2 Team Unknown BBQ194.09999
3 Sweet Smoke Q194.08333
4 Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team193.63333
5 Lazy Hazy Crazy Boyz193.38332
6 Git-R-Smoked192.91667
7 Whiskey Bent BBQ192.66666
8 Just Grillin192.65000
9 Big Papa's Country Kitchen192.41666
10 Accutech BBQ192.23333
1 Team Unknown BBQ197.83332
2 Tiki Time BBQ Team194.35000
3 Smokin Flames BBQ193.36666
4 Shanty Town193.08333
5 Sweet Smoke Q192.43333
6 Get-Cha Some BBQ191.70001
7 Fatt Ashes BBQ191.70000
8 Swamp Boys191.24999
9 J&J Bar-B-Que191.19999
10 Whiskey Bent BBQ191.00000

Grand Champion - Jamakin' Me Hungry

Reserve - Hot Ashes
1Jamakin' Me Hungry737.86668173.2167192.7333189.7000182.2167
2Hot Ashes726.16668173.1333171.6000195.7167185.7167
3Papa Joe's BBQ715.98335191.4667172.4667181.0000171.0500
4Good as any BBQ712.05001177.9500169.4500193.3500171.3000
5Fat Bastards707.78334175.2833182.8333175.3833174.2833
6Five Foot Twenty Que705.96666183.1833180.8333170.2167171.7333
7Mulberry Simply Smokin'697.86667178.1333172.9500171.4000175.3833
8Rubbing Butts691.96667165.8500191.2000170.2333164.6833
9Drunken Brothers BBQ691.58333193.6000167.0667170.0833160.8333
10Chillin n Grillin686.30001177.4167172.4333169.7500166.7000
11Backyard Grill and Smoke675.28334165.7833176.7333162.0000170.7667
12Sticky Fingers674.66668161.8333174.6833161.7333176.4167
13Split N' Mad673.68333162.8667180.0000177.9833152.8333
14Crooked Line Smokehouse504.033340.0000166.6333176.3333161.0667
15Roo Roo Bar-B-Que488.916670.0000178.3500159.3167151.2500

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