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Naples, FL

October 18-19, 2013 The Big Swamp Smoke Off - Naples, FL
Collier County Fair - 751 39th Avenue NE - Naples, FL 34120
Shannon Hubbell: (239)-455-1444 or click to Email
Chuck Ray
Donna Ray
EJ Kraus
Gail Cushing

Peoples Choice

Backyard Grand Champion
YearGrand ChampionReserve
2013Hot Wachula'sBig Papa's Country Kitchen
2012Lang BBQ SmokersSweet Smoke Q
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Pro Division

Grand Champion - Hot Wachula's

Reserve - Big Papa's Country Kitchen
1 Hot Wachula's775.54999197.6167187.1667196.4500194.3167
2 Big Papa's Country Kitchen768.34998191.2833189.0667193.6333194.3667
3 Sweet Smoke Q764.99997188.3833192.1667194.8333189.6167
4 Cedar Creek BBQ763.90000184.7833193.1333194.0833191.9000
5 Matt Daddy's BBQ759.29998185.1333198.5500192.2000183.4167
6 Swinos755.10000194.3167180.1333185.1500195.5000
7 Bar-B-Que This750.63334180.2333186.4833192.9333190.9833
8 Team Unknown BBQ750.08333189.1000187.7167182.2333191.0333
9 Fancy Pants BBQ745.15001194.0500188.1833188.3167174.6000
10 Smokin Flames BBQ742.51667185.6167183.9167182.6833190.3000
11 Two Crackers Cooking733.48335184.8167183.9333192.6667172.0667
12 Florida Skin-n-Bones732.06668183.6500182.9500187.2000178.2667
13 Whiskey Bent BBQ732.01667182.0167172.4667193.3833184.1500
14 Blitzkrieg BBQ730.08335169.6333193.5833185.3500181.5167
15 Barn Goddess BBQ725.54999177.0333188.4000179.1333180.9833
16 Pharter Starter BBQ725.01666195.5333175.5833173.1500180.7500
17 Rub It Right BBQ718.80000177.0833175.3000180.8667185.5500
18 Second Star BBQ707.83332183.4333174.6667177.0167172.7167
19 All Out Bar B Que686.33332174.0333165.7500172.4167174.1333
20 Smoke Shack653.81666167.7000162.6167164.9167158.5833
21 Stoked on Smoke380.616680.0000189.6000191.01670.0000
22 Smoking R's348.21668179.1167169.10000.00000.0000
1 Hot Wachula's197.61666
2 Pharter Starter BBQ195.53332
3 Swinos194.31667
4 Fancy Pants BBQ194.05001
5 Big Papa's Country Kitchen191.28333
6 Team Unknown BBQ189.10000
7 Sweet Smoke Q188.38332
8 Smokin Flames BBQ185.61667
9 Matt Daddy's BBQ185.13334
10 Two Crackers Cooking184.81667
1 Matt Daddy's BBQ198.54998
2 Blitzkrieg BBQ193.58334
3 Cedar Creek BBQ193.13333
4 Sweet Smoke Q192.16666
5 Stoked on Smoke189.60001
6 Big Papa's Country Kitchen189.06667
7 Barn Goddess BBQ188.40000
8 Fancy Pants BBQ188.18333
9 Team Unknown BBQ187.71667
10 Hot Wachula's187.16667
1 Hot Wachula's196.45000
2 Sweet Smoke Q194.83332
3 Cedar Creek BBQ194.08333
4 Big Papa's Country Kitchen193.63332
5 Whiskey Bent BBQ193.38333
6 Bar-B-Que This192.93333
7 Two Crackers Cooking192.66666
8 Matt Daddy's BBQ192.20000
9 Stoked on Smoke191.01667
10 Fancy Pants BBQ188.31667
1 Swinos195.50000
2 Big Papa's Country Kitchen194.36666
3 Hot Wachula's194.31666
4 Cedar Creek BBQ191.90000
5 Team Unknown BBQ191.03333
6 Bar-B-Que This190.98334
7 Smokin Flames BBQ190.29999
8 Sweet Smoke Q189.61667
9 Rub It Right BBQ185.55001
10 Whiskey Bent BBQ184.15000
1Smoker's Wild765.41664191.4333191.5000196.4667186.0167
2Smokin' Butts BBQ745.24999188.3833187.4500185.3667184.0500
3Third Generation BBQ740.06666183.2333180.8167187.9167188.1000
4Smokin' Stoney727.41668183.1167178.4500187.1667178.6833
5Always Smokin'722.50001186.4333183.1500175.9833176.9333

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