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FBA Judges

Do you want to judge a sanctioned contest? Again, great, we'd love to have you. All you need to do is attend an FBA Judge's Seminar and you will be trained to judge our system. Once you have judged your first contest, you will be an FBA Certified Judge. Your name will automatically be entered into our database and contest organizers will receive a mailing label for you so that you will be invited to judge their contest.

Judges don't get paid, however they do get to eat some really spectacular barbecue. And with the growing number of FBA Sanctioned contests, there's probably one or two within a short drive from where you live.

How much will you eat? If your table gets the maximum number of entries - six boxes each of chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket - you could eat a couple pounds of meat. Chances are you won't want dinner that night!

FBA Judge Requirements

  • Maintain an active FBA Membership.
  • Judge a minimum of one FBA sanctioned contest every 12 months. (note: failure to achieve this requirement means you will have to attend an FBA Judge's Training Seminar prior to judging again.)
  • Be present for the Judges Briefing at any contest your are confirmed to judge. Failure to be present means that you will not judge that contest. Check-in for judges starts at 9am on the day of the contest and ends at 9:30am. The Judges Briefing begins at 9:30am, followed by the Table Captains Briefing.
  • If you fail to show for three contests that you are confirmed to judge without notifying either the Organizer or one of the Reps, you will be removed from the list of judges for future contests.
  • Judge all four categories at any contest you are seated at for judging.
  • During the contest, you are not allowed to visit with the cook teams. Doing so will cause you to be removed from the judging that day.
  • After the contest, you may visit with the cook teams, however you may not discuss any part of the judging including your scores. Doing so will cause you to be removed from the list of judges for future contests.

FBA Master Judges

The FBA Master Judge Program is designed to recognize those judges who have shown their support for the most judge friendly, cooker friendly competition barbecue circuit around. The FBA Master Judge is there at almost every contest. They provide the teams with a fair and unbiased arena to test their cooking skills.

The following requirements must be met to become an FBA Master Judge:

  • Judge a minimum of 20 FBA sanctioned contests in any 5 year period or less.
  • Table captain a minimum of 5 times in any 5 year period or less in addition to requirement #1.
  • Must be a member of the FBA and must sustain that membership.
  • Must cook with a cook team at least once during the same 5 year period at an FBA sanctioned contest.
  • The Funcook is considered an FBA sanctioned contest for the purposes of judging and master judge.
  • Acting as the FBA Rep at an FBA sanctioned contest counts as one judging assignment.
  • Rep assignments cannot comprise more than 49% of the 20 required contests.

If you are working towards your FBA Master Judge please click here to check your status.
This list will be updated after each contest.

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