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FBA Team of the Year

Current Standings

The Team of the Year program (TOTY) recognizes those FBA cook teams that have perfected barbecue recipes after many sanctioned contests and years of experimentation. Is it the best barbecue? Well, judging by the points, we'd have to say it's certainly the best in the minds of our FBA certified judges!

The Team of the Year race begins each year with the first contest after the annual FBA Funcook on Labor Day weekend. It ends with the last contest of the summer, just before the FBA Funcook. The Top 10 teams receive awards at the Celebrate Last Year party held at the Funcook and the number one team has their cook team name inscribed in the Joby Stanaland Team of the Year Trophy, donated by the very first TOTY winners - The Sorry Boys: Chip Faul and Gary Leyman - in 2002.

2014 Team of the Year Rules
  • You must cook all 4 categories at a contest to receive any points. A DQ in a category does not disqualify you from points in the other categories.
  • 1 point for showing up and cooking all 4 categories at the contest.
  • 10 points for 1st place in a category, 9 points for 2nd, and so on down to 1 point for 10th place.
  • 10 points for Grand Champion, 9 points for Reserve, 8 points for 3rd overall, and so on down to 1 point for 10th place overall in addition to the category points.
  • No substitute cook teams will be able to participate in the absence of any cook team for the purpose of accumulation of TOTY points.
  • The participation of regular cook team members without the head cook will be subject to review and interpretation by the FBA Board of Directors to determine if TOTY points will be awarded.
  • TOTY points and points for other FBA programs will only be awarded to teams where the head cook is a member of the FBA.
  • The total points at the end of the year will determine the Team of the Year.
  • Only a tie for first place (Team of the Year) will be determined by the total accumulated scores from each contest the teams have cooked; all other places allow for a tie.
  • The FBA Funcook points do not count toward TOTY.

Current Standings updated September 14, 2014

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1. Big Papa's Country Kitchen30
2. Oklahoma Smoke BBQ24
3. Sweet Smoke Q22
4. Swamp Boys21
5. Buckshot BBQ20
6. Gordo's BBQ & Company15
7. Gaines County Smokers13
7. Kiss My Rack 213
8. Blazin 7's12
9. Big Daddy G's BBQ11
9. Pellet Mafia11
10. Ray's Barbecue10
10. Texas Twisted Trio10

1. Big Papa's Country Kitchen10
2. Ray's Barbecue9
3. Big Daddy G's BBQ8
1. Pellet Mafia10
2. Texas Twisted Trio9
3. Junkyard Dog BBQ8
1. Big Papa's Country Kitchen10
2. Oklahoma Smoke BBQ9
3. Gaines County Smokers8
1. Swamp Boys10
2. Buckshot BBQ9
3. Texas Tumbleweed8

High Scores 2014
OverallSweet Smoke Q
766.16666 (Hobbs, NM)
ChickenBig Papa's Country Kitchen
193.63333 (Hobbs, NM)
RibsPellet Mafia
199.28332 (Hobbs, NM)
PorkBig Papa's Country Kitchen
200.00000 (Hobbs, NM)
BrisketSwamp Boys
199.04998 (Hobbs, NM)

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