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Application for Judge's Seminar

Please note: classes close one week prior, without exception!
Judge candidates must be at least 18 years of age and be able speak and read English.
Classes are limited to 42 students maximum and will be closed when that number is reached.

We don't send individual confirmations.
However, once you are registered,
your name will appear on the roster located at this link

How are you Paying? Required! Immediately by PayPal I will mail a Check
Oviedo, FLFriday - May 23, 2015 6:00pmClick for directions

Name: Required!
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The cost for the Judge's Seminar is $75 which includes a one year membership in the FBA. All fees are non-refundable. (Current FBA Members - the cost is $40 for you unless you want to renew your membership.) Once you have completed the Judge's Seminar (approx. 3 hours including judging at least chicken and pork) you will be a certified FBA judge, ready to judge your first contest. You will receive your FBA Judges badge at the completion of the seminar.

Please note: Taking an FBA Judge's Seminar does not guarantee that you will judge at that particular contest. While the chances are normally good that you will, most of the judges for an FBA Sanctioned contest are invited by the organizer several months prior to the contest.

You must judge at least one FBA sanctioned contest a year to retain your certification.

Only use the PayPal section below if you are paying $75 for the Judges Seminar by PayPal!

Otherwise just Print this form and mail it with your check to:
The Florida Bar-B-Que Association
2639 Alabaster Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32833

Click here after you've printed the form.

Payments Only!

Click the RIGHT button for the Judges Seminar

If you have questions about or problems in using this form, please email

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