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Accutech BBQ Wins Their First Contest . . . . . . Click for Scores

Grand Champion:
Accutech BBQ
Well, it took them nearly four years, but the Accutech BBQ team landed their first Grand Champion's trophy in Naples, FL this weekend. With their best category - a 2nd Place in Ribs - no one could have predicted the outcome of the The Big Swamp Smoke Off until it was all over. Sweet Smoke Q was Reserve, their second time at this contest, as well as 1st Place in Pork.

Sweet Smoke Q
Whiskey Bent Returns to Winner's Circle . . . . . . Click for Scores
The last time Whiskey Bent BBQ held the champion's trophy was back in February 2013, so the win at Mulberry's Fine Swine at the Pit was a rebirth for one of the FBA's toughest teams. With a 4th and two 9th Place category finishes, there's no question that their 2nd Place Brisket did the trick, edging out Hot Wachula's who was Reserve out of 34 Pro division teams.

Grand Champion: Whiskey Bent

Reserve: Hot Wachula's
A Photo Finish in Lakeland . . . . . . Click for Scores

Grand Champion: Swamp Boys

Reserve: Big Papa's Country Kitchen
This one was almost too close to call. The KidPack Polk Project BBQ Throwdown - Lakeland, FL - ended with the top three teams separated by just over 2/10s of a point! Swamp Boys won the contest, edging out Big Papa's Country Kitchen 764.49998 to 764.28331 with Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team only 2/100s of a point behind in third place. A tight race for certain with 39 Pro teams battling down to the last drop of sauce.

The real winner of the contest, though, were the kids. Thousands of cans of food were collected by the cook teams and donated to the kids of Polk County.

Deja Vu at Lake City . . . . . . Click for Scores

Grand Champion:
Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia
Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia, who last won the Smokin' Pig Fest in Lake City, FL in 2010, returned to the Champion's chair along with Budmeisters in Reserve. Budmeisters won the contest in 2011 and 2013 and had Reserve in 2012. Other than Wooley Bully's 1st Place Brisket, neither team had an outstanding day, just consistent cooking to rack up the points.

As one of the oldest contests in the FBA circuit, Wanda Jones, contest organizer, has made this event a must attend for the teams, drawing over 50 teams to this year's contest.

FBA Teams Dish it out in the Desert . . . . . . Click for Scores
In the first ever FBA Contest in Hobbs, NM, the FBA teams rolled into town like a dust storm. Team of the Year - Sweet Smoke Q - was the Grand Champion, but the big story was Big Papa's Country Kitchen, who took Reserve, 1st Place Chicken, and 1st Place Pork with their first perfect score. Less than 2 points separated Grand and Reserve. And just to cap off the day, Swamp Boy - Rub Bagby - who traveled through several different airports dragging a brisket, won the category just a point short of a perfect score.

Congratulation to Mark Bateman, contest organizer, for putting together a great event. Let's hope this is just the beginning!

Grand Champion:
Sweet Smoke Q

Big Papa's Country Kitchen
Hogs Gone Wild BBQ Wins the Funcook . . . . . . Click for Scores

Grand Champion: Hogs Gone Wild BBQ

Reserve: Sweet Smoke Q
Winning your first FBA contest is certainly a prize you'll never forget. Beating the Team of the Year makes it just so much more special. Hogs Gone Wild BBQ slipped past Sweet Smoke Q at this year's FBA Funcook by less than a point and a half, their 1st Place Brisket tipping the scores in their favor. And even though the win won't start the 2015 Team of the Year race, it will be the one the team will brag about for years to come.
Sweet Smoke Q - 2014 TOTY . . . . . . Click for Final TOTY Standings

2014 Team of the Year
Sweet Smoke Q
Jim Elser's Sweet Smoke Q rolled into 1st Place in the 2014 Team of the Year early on and never looked back. Their win, by 44 points over Matt Barber's Hot Wachula's, was highlighted by cooking 29 contests, more than any other team this year, and winning 5 Grand Championships, again, more than any other team this season. Can they do it again next season? Good luck.

Hot Wachula's, cooked 27 contests and won 4 Grands, but couldn't repeat from their 2013 Team of the Year Win. And Big Papa's Country Kitchen, who won the title in 2012 and 2010, ended the season in Third Place, over 100 points back. The 2015 TOTY race begins with the Lea County Black Gold BBQ Blowout in Hobbs, NM on September 13th.

B&T Takes Panama City Beach . . . . . . Click for Scores

Grand Champion:
B&T BBQ Cook Team
Bill and Theresa Tanner racked up just enough points to not only win the first annual Great American Blues Festival in Panama City Beach, FL, but to slide into the top ten of the 2014 Team of the Year race. Their 1st place Brisket, just 7/10ths of a point short of a perfect score, was the category that gave them the win, with the Big Kahuna taking Reserve. Third and Fourth place was won by the two teams fighting for lead in the TOTY race - Sweet Smoke Q and Hot Wachula's.

Big Kahuna BBQ
Bainbridge Was Blazin' . . . . . . Click for Scores
The FBA teams rolled into Bainbridge, GA for the 2nd annual cooking of the Smoke Under The Oaks BBQ Festival and set the town on fire. In a field of 40 Pro teams, even after awards for all four meat categories, there was no clear winner. That's until Budmeisters was called to the stage for Reserve and Hot Wachula's hauled in the Grand. There's no argument that Matt Barber's Pork score of 199.3 tipped the scales in his favor.

All agreed this was a great contest and Rob McRae did a superb job of organizing the event.

Grand Champion:
Hot Wachula's

Budmeisters Back On Top at Live Oak . . . . . . Click for Scores

Grand Champion: Budmeisters

Reserve: Swamp Boys
Budmeisters has once again taken the Grand at Live Oak, FL. Having alternated with Big Papa's Country Kitchen at this contest for the past three years, Thomas Henry, head cook of Budmeisters, put it together for the win and a 1st Place Brisket entry. Swamp Boy, Rub Bagby, landed Reserve out of the 50 teams who cooked the event.

The Grand at this contest slides Budmeisters back into a Top 10 slot in the Team of the Year standings.

Team Unknown Rips Up Madeira Beach . . . . . . Click for Scores

Grand Champion:
Team Unknown
A perfect score in Brisket, 1st Place in Ribs and 2nd in Chicken lead to the Grand Champion's trophy for Team Unknown at the first Baddest BBQ on the Bone in Madeira Beach, FL. The Team's 200-point Brisket was the third perfect score this year. Swamp Boy, Rub Bagby, took Reserve along with 1st Place in Chicken.

With only three FBA contests left in the season, the Team of the Year is too close to call, especially between 1st and 2nd place.

Swamp Boys
Git-R-Done Got It Done . . . . . . Click for Scores
With only a 1st in Pork and a tie at that, Terry McKay's Git-R-Done won Historic Cocoa Village's BBQ & Blues - Cocoa, FL. Winks' Barbecue was Reserve, less than 2 points back; once again, Chicken was the culprit. Terry had previously twice taken Reserve at this contest; this was his first Grand.

With more than 40 teams cooking this, the fifth year of the event, Organizer Emma Kirkpatrick can easily call this year a success.

Grand Champion:

Wink's Barbecue
Joby Stanaland Memorialized . . . . . . Click for Team of the Year Standings
Joby Stanaland, the FBA's first President and one of the key people involved in the foundation of the Florida Bar-B-Que Association, has been memorialized by having the Team of the Year trophy named in his honor. Joby, who passed away several months ago, held the office of President longer than any of his predecessors. And while his cook team - The Dixie Boys - never won the award, Joby was one of the most dedicated FBA cooks, rarely missing a contest.

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