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Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

FBA Board Meeting 27th Jan 2014, 8:00 PM

Board members present - Tony Wolfe, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde, Steve Brumm, Gail Cushing and Katie Buchanan
Guests present - Wendy Wolfe and Lou Goldman

Email business - Katie Buchanan

  • Mack Daddy Smokers Amateur Cookoff was add to the calendar
  • Arrangement was sent to Bert Snyder
  • Mike Demming - rep in training
  • Best of the Bone BBQ Challenge, Madeira Beach FL, June 12-14, 2014; need vendors for Thursday; Ida Isaacs, lead rep, Leon Isaacs and Sheilah Jones
  • Dennis Schmitz and Ed Hartwig return as reps
  • Lake City approved for September 19 & 20, 2014
  • Dothan needs 4th rep; Dennis Schmitz
  • Marianna needs addition reps; Dennis Schmitz and Ed Hartwig
  • Fun Cook has an approved budget; committee; Wendy Wolfe, Sheilah Jones, James Frazee, Connie Washam, Gail Cushing and EJ Kraus, web site

Treasurers Report - Marty Hyde

  • $30970.14 in the bank
  • No outstanding bills

Membership - Katie Buchanan

  • 861 members, as of 12/31/13, 212 expired memberships, final email was sent out on 02/01/14
  • 34 life members
  • 13 restaurant
  • 14 corporate
  • 152 teams
  • 511 judges

ByLaws Committee - Steve Brumm

  • Will be ready for Fun Cook

New business

  • Nominations open at Fun Cook
  • Vote will be 12/15/14 - on line
  • Paper ballots to be mailed out 2 weeks prior and returned by 12/15/2014

Fun Cook - Wendy Wolfe

  • 35 sites reserved
  • CLYP will be in the Veranda Club House
  • Forrest Dillmore will be instructing a Dutch oven cooking class

No further business meeting adjourned at 8:40pm
Next meeting 24th Feb 2014, at 8PM

Minutes submitted by Katie Buchanan

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