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Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

FBA Board Meeting June 24, 2013, 8:00 PM

Board members present - Tony Wolfe, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde, Don Miller, Gail Cushing, Steve Brumm and Katie Buchanan.
Guests present - Wendy Wolfe, Mac McLaughlin, Lou Goldman.

Email business - Katie Buchanan

  • Judges status - due to illness waive one year judging requirement due to illness.

Treasurers Report - Marty Hyde

  • Available Balance $27,032.88, No outstanding bills

Membership - Katie Buchanan

  • 29 new members
  • new life members - Bob Parker & Snow White
  • total 808 members
  • 27 life members
  • 16 restaurants
  • 6 corporate
  • 156 teams
  • 498 judges

Judges Committee - Marty Hyde
New Scoring System Staffed

  • Gives Teams additional knowledge of why the Judges scored the product, however, could be miss leading if on Judge Comments, too salty, while another Judge states not salty enough.
  • Good comment card to replace writing on the back.
  • Math: Each Judge has 24 cards X 6 Judges per table = 144 cards X 6 tables = 864 cards. Additional burden on Reps and would delay Award Ceremony by at least an hour.
  • As Judges, we can tell why it's bad, but not necessarily tell a Cook Team what to do to make it better.
  • Too complicated, not simple from many Judges.
  • Current scoring system requires one card per Judges, per category, to make this change, a new scoring system would have to be rewritten.
  • Presentation: Question quantity or variety, they are not Standards for judging. Does more meat get a higher score or an increase in variety gets a higher score.
  • Taste: Smoke is not a standard for judging, too little, too much, taste is subjective.
  • Tenderness: Bark/Skin not well defined. Temperature is not a standard for scoring and must be scored subjectively.
  • Teams must never know who or what a Judges scores. Not name, no signature. Recommendations: Table until a requirement for a new scoring system is required.

Contests - Damon Wooley

ByLaws Committee - Lou Goldman & Tom Snow did great job. Will be finalized & ready to vote on by Fun Cook.

Old business

New business

  • Triple Crown to be discussed at Fun Cook.
No further business meeting adjourned at 8:51pm
Next meeting July 29, 2013

Minutes submitted by Katie Buchanan

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