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Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

FBA Board Meeting May 20, 2013, 8:03 PM

Board members present - Tony Wolfe, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde, Steve Brumm and Gail Cushing
Guests present - Wendy Wolfe, Rick Dimaggio, Charles Golden.

Email business - Katie Buchanan

  • Line 6 & 7 for the Reps to be completed starting Jan 1, 2014

Treasurers Report - Marty Hyde

  • Available Balance $24,635.46, No outstanding bills

Membership - Katie Buchanan

Judges Committee - Marty Hyde

Contests - Damon Wooley

ByLaws Committee - The new bylaws need to be submitted to the membership for a vote and the committee will be dislolved.

Old business

New business

  • Melbourne application finalized today.
  • Kissimmee site approved. There will be 15 teams and 5 backyard with a $4500 payout.
  • Marketing committee member designed a new score card and submitted it to the judges committee for review.
  • New silver badge will be awarded to the judges who reach 150 contests.
  • Need new reps in the Northern area.
No further business meeting adjourned at 9:30pm
Next meeting June 24, 2013

Minutes submitted by Katie Buchanan

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