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President's Message

Tony Wolfe - FBA President

FBA President's Message - September 2014

It seem strange to be writing about the end of the year in September, but the FBA calendar year ended at the Panama City contest. This contest brought an end to our Team of the Year and Judge of the Year programs for 2014.

Team of the Year was a battle to the very end. Hot Watchula's and Sweet Smoke Q battled it out with Sweet Smoke Q emerging as the Team of the Year. Congratulations Jim Elser!!!! The top ten teams of 2014 were:

1) Sweet Smoke Q - Jim Elser
2) Hot Wachula's - Matt Barber
3) Big Papa's Country Kitchen - Dana Hillis
4) Swamp Boys - Rub Bagby
5) Git-R-Smoked - Terry McKay
6) Blitzkrieg BBQ - Tommy Harden
7) Team Unknown - Clark Whitcomb
8) Wink's Barbeque - Wink Yelverton
9) Budmeisters - Thomas Henry
10) B & T BBQ Cook Team - Bill Tanner

We also celebrate our judges through our Judge of the Year program. Judges are nominated at each event based on set criteria. In addition, judges can earn additional points by assisting at events and being an outstanding ambassador of barbeque! Our top ten Judge of the Year Nominees (in no particular order) are:

1) Leonard Brannen
2) Pat Brannen
3) Katie Buchanan
4) Steve Cahoon
5) Gayle DiMaggio
6) Rick DiMaggio
7) George Kendall
8) Pete Odom
9) Louis Nargi
10) Connie Washam
Congratulations to Pat Brannen, our 2014 Judge of the Year!

See you on the circuit.

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