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President's Message

Tony Wolfe - FBA President

FBA President's Message - November 2014

Congratulations to Dana and Janet Hillis of Big Papa's Country Kitchen. They recently competed in Food Truck Face Off on Food Network. They won their face off and won a food truck for a year! I can't wait to see it out and about - I know the food will be outstanding!

As the weather begins to cool off, it is the perfect time to fire up the smoker. Whether cooking for family and friends or competing, it is never a bad time to be at the smoker. We are in our busy season so there are plenty of competitions enter. Please remember to stay in contact with the organizers of the contest. It is difficult to plan for all the parts of a contest when you are unsure of how many teams will be attending. A simple email to let them know you will be there is greatly appreciated.

November brings Thanksgiving and we naturally start thinking of the things we are thankful for. I am thankful that I have been able to serve as you President. The Florida Bar-b-que Association is an outstanding organization because of its members.

Elections are next month. You will be electing your next board as well as voting on possible by-law changes. Please take the time to vote. Feel free to contact any of the members running for the board with questions to help you make your decisions. If you have any questions or suggestions for the by-laws, please contact the current board.

See you on the circuit.

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