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President's Message

Tony Wolfe - FBA President

FBA President's Message - August 2014

I was able to visit with some of our corporate members recently in my search for pellets for my new smokers. I had the pleasure of first visiting with Kenny Nadeau of Uncle Kenny's BBQ at his restaurant in Clermont, Florida. We had a nice lunch with good food and received a tour of his retail store. It was full of everything you need to barbecue from smokers to sauces and rubs. If you are in the Clermont area, definitely stop in and visit. The Citrus Tower is your landmark!

My next stop was Whiskey Bent's store in Lakeland, Florida. It was my first time visiting and I quickly found what I needed, and my wife convinced me I really needed the salsas from Hot Wachula's that were available as well!! I could have stayed and visited for several hours and spent a lot more, if my wife wasn't with me! The staff was extremely knowledgeable about barbecue (how could he not be since he IS a cook team member) and very friendly. We were even given recommendations about good places to eat and visit in the area.

While in Lakeland, I went to visit another of our sponsors, Grills & More. Also run by members of the barbecue cook team world, the store is laid out perfectly so it was very easy to find what I was looking for. My questions about the differences in the pellets were thoroughly answered, and I walked out with 3 more bags!

Be sure check the Index page to familiarize yourself with our sponsors and PLEASE visit them for your barbecue needs.

It's that time of the year and we just had a membership renewal period. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact our secretary. We have many members whose contact information needs to be updated. If you move or change your email address, please let us know!

See you on the circuit.

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