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FBA Contest Reps

The FBA Reps are the people charged with the responsibility of seeing that the Sanctioned portion of the contest works. They setup and run the judging process, enter the scores, and see to it that all of our rules are followed. It's not a difficult job, once you learn the system, but it can be a bit stressful at times.

Currently, we are training additional FBA Reps in Florida, but we need help in Alabama and Georgia. The Rep Training and Recruitment committee is and Wendy Wolfe.

FBA Rep Requirements
  1. Must be an FBA member in good standing for at least 6 months.
  2. Must have cooked at least once with a cook team at an FBA sanctioned contest.
  3. Must be able to speak and read English.
  4. Must be physically capable of working a contest.
  5. Must be capable of lifting 30 pounds.
  6. Must be computer literate and have email.
  7. Must be willing and able to get along with people.
  8. Must submit a written application to the Rep recruiter/head trainer.
  9. Must be approved by the Rep recruiter/head trainer.
  10. Must shadow a rep at a minimum of two FBA sanctioned events.
  11. When shadowing is complete, and upon recommendation of the Rep recruiter/Head trainer, be approved by the Board of Directors to enter training.
  12. Must work a minimum of 5 FBA sanctioned contests as a trainee.
  13. Must complete Rep training within one year.
  14. Must be recommended to the Board of Directors by the Rep recruiter/head trainer to become a Rep.
  15. Must receive final approval by the Board of Directors.

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